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Enable Istio Proxy Sidecar Injection

ocne lab tutorial ocne-istio
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Istio is a service mesh that provides a separate infrastructure layer to handle inter-service communication. Network communication is abstracted from the services themselves and handled by proxies. Istio uses a sidecar design, which means that communication proxies run in their own containers beside every service container. To put Istio automatic sidecar injection into effect, the namespace to be used by an application must be labeled with istio-injection=enabled. This tutorial uses an existing Highly Available Kubernetes cluster running on Oracle Cloud Native Environment, and has the following modules deployed:

  • Kubernetes (kubernetes)
  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Cloud Controller Manager Module (oci-ccm)

The starting deployment consists of the following:

  • 1 Operator Node
  • 3 Control Plane Nodes
  • 5 Worker Nodes

It builds upon the labs:


This tutorial/lab shows how to install Istio and then enable automatic proxy sidecar injection, and thus take advantage of Istio’s features in Oracle Cloud Native Environment.

The following steps will be outlined:

  • Install the Istio module.
  • Deploy an application without automatic proxy sidecar injection enabled.
  • Remove the deployment.
  • Enable automatic proxy sidecar injection.
  • Deploy the same application again - notice that the pods in the service mesh are executing with an associated Istio sidecar proxy.


Note: If using the free lab environment these prerequisites are provided as the starting point.