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Install Minikube

ocne lab tutorial ocne-k8s
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Minikube is a popular tool for developers and administrators to run a fully functional Kubernetes cluster in their local environment. Although minikube is cross-platform, this tutorial only guides you through the installation and configuration of minikube with the podman driver.


In this tutorial, you will learn how to:

  • Download & install minikube and Podman on Oracle Linux
  • Configure minikube to use the podman driver
  • Verify the installation of minikube


The tutorial uses the following system:

  • A system with Oracle Linux installed with the following hardware and configuration:
    • 2 CPUs (or more)
    • 2Gb memory (or more)
    • 20Gb free disk space for minikube itself
    • Using minikube requires more space if installing minikube Addons or deploying any projects
    • a non-root user with sudo permissions