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Use Operator Lifecycle Manager to Deploy a Kubernetes Operator

ocne tutorial ocne-install
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🗒 Tutorial


This tutorial shows you how install the Operator Lifecycle Manager module for Oracle Cloud Native Environment into a Kubernetes cluster, then deploy a Kubernetes operator. The Operator Lifecycle Manager module installs Operator Lifecycle Manager into a Kubernetes cluster. Operator Lifecycle Manager manages the installation and lifecycle management of Kubernetes operators in a Kubernetes cluster. This tutorial assumes you have an existing Kubernetes cluster running in Oracle Cloud Native Environment.


In this tutorial, you will learn how to:

  • Install and configure the Operator Lifecycle Manager
  • Use a Kubernetes Operator


The tutorial uses the following system:

  • 3 Oracle Linux systems to use as:

    • Operator node (ocne-operator)
    • Kubernetes control plane node (ocne-control-01)
    • Kubernetes worker node (ocne-worker-01)
  • Each system should have a minimum of the following installed:

    • Latest Oracle Linux (x86_64) installed and running the Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel Release 7 (UEK R7)
  • This environment is pre-configured with the following:

    • An Oracle user account with ‘sudo’ access
    • Key-based SSH, also known as passwordless SSH, between the instances