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ReaR Backups

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Relax-and-Recover (ReaR) was born in 2006 by Gratien D’haese and Schlomo Schapiro as part of a complete rewrite of an earlier Linux Disaster Recovery project mkCDrec. ReaR is an Open Source bare metal disaster recovery solution that Oracle Linux (OL) provides natively. It produces a bootable image that can recreate the system’s original storage layout and restore from the backup.

ReaR is directly available from the Application Streams repository in Oracle Linux 8 or later and is simple to deploy and configure.

These guides walk users on installing and configuring ReaR to backup and restore Oracle Linux using NFS storage.


At the end of these guides, you should be able to do the following:

  • Install the ReaR package
  • Configure ReaR to exclude specific filesystems, mount points, and Logical Volumes that are not needed
  • Perform a ReaR backup using NFS storage as a backup repository
  • Verify the ReaR client backup on the NFS storage
  • Perform a ReaR recovery


  • An Oracle Linux system as the ReaR client
  • An NFS server as the backup storage location
  • Another system for the recovery