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Switch from CentOS 7

ol lab tutorial ol-install
Table of Contents


🌙 Lab

🗒 Tutorial


The following guides provide step-by-step procedures to automatically switch a CentOS 7 instance to Oracle Linux 7 by removing any CentOS-specific packages or replacing them with the Oracle Linux equivalent. As the states in the Oracle centos2ol repository on GitHub, the script used in this tutorial is a work-in-progress and not designed to handle all possible configurations.

Please ensure you have a complete backup of the system before starting this process if the script cannot successfully convert the system.

Be sure to review the centos2ol project file for the latest details.


In this lab, you’ll:

  • Check for non-standard kernels
  • Ensure yum configuration is working
  • Disable or remove stale and non-CentOS repositories
  • Ensure 5GB free space in /var/cache
  • Disable all automatic updates, including yum-cron


  • A system with CentOS 7 installed.