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System Logging

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Table of Contents


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In these guides, you configure system logging, use rsyslog templates to format log messages, install and run logwatch, view the journald journal, and configure persistent journald storage.


System log files contain messages about the system, kernel, services, and applications. The journald logging daemon, which is part of systemd, records system messages in non-persistent journal logs in memory and in the /run/log/journal directory. journald forwards messages to the system logging daemon, rsyslog. As files in /run are volatile, the log data is lost after a reboot unless you create the directory /var/log/journal. You can use the journalctl command to query the journal logs.


  • Explore the rsylog.conf file
  • Explore the logrotate.conf file
  • Configure and use rsyslog templates
  • Install logwatch and run the logwatch utility
  • Explore and use journald

What Do You Need?

A fully patched Oracle Linux or later system.