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Work with File Systems

ol lab tutorial ol-storage
Table of Contents


🌙 Lab

🗒 Tutorial


In the following tutorial, you list the mounted file systems. In addition, you partition disk devices and mount file systems. Then, you add entries in the file system table to mount file systems on reboots, and increase swap space. Lastly, you remove partitions and additional swap space.


In this tutorial, you will learn how to:

  • Display the current partition table
  • List mounted file systems
  • Partition disk devices
  • Create and mount file systems on partitions
  • Modify the file system table to mount the file systems on reboots
  • Increase the amount of swap space
  • Remove partitions and additional swap space


The tutorial uses the following system:

  • A system with Oracle Linux 8 or later installed
  • Two or more block devices attached to the system