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Install Podman Desktop

ol lab tutorial ol-podman
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Podman Desktop is a Graphical User Interface (GUI) for the Podman CLI, providing an easy way to interact with the Podman engine. Besides making it easy to confirm the status of the Podman engine itself, it also provides an easy way to review and interact with any containers deployed, images stored, and Podman pods and volumes that are present on the machine. On the other hand, note that it does not provide any extra functionality that is not available from the command-line.


This lab shows how to install and run Podman Desktop then demonstrates a basic overview of the Podman Desktop functionality it provides. The main steps described are outlined below:

  • Install Podman Desktop
  • Verify basic Podman Desktop functionality works

What Do You Need?

  • A client system with Oracle Linux and the “Server with GUI’ group installed
  • Podman installed (the ‘container-tools’ package)
  • Access to the Internet