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Install Project Quay

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Project Quay is an open-source repository used to store and manage artifacts such as containers for use on cloud native platforms. Project Quay also offers additional functionality such as (in no particular order):

  • Registry - High availability
  • Security - Vulnerability scanning, Logging & Auditing, Notifications & Alerts
  • Access Control - Role-based access control (RBAC)
  • Integration - OAuth support
  • Build Automation - Git/GitHub/GitLab integration

It can be deployed on either a Kubernetes cluster using an Operator, or as a standalone container or high availability cluster on Podman.


These guides show how to install and run Project Quay on Podman and then confirm it is working. The main steps described are outlined below:

  • Install Project Quay on Podman
  • Verify basic Quay functionality works

Note: The steps provided do not include how to configure the registry using certificates. Therefore its recommended for non-production purposes or an internal/air-gapped environment.


  • A system with Oracle Linux installed
  • Podman installed (the ‘container-tools’ package)
  • Access to the Internet