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Build Multi-Platform Images

ol tutorial ol-podman
Table of Contents


🗒 Tutorial


This demo shows the creation of a multi-platform container image using Podman on Oracle Linux.


In this lab, you’ll:

  • Configure Podman for remote connectivity
  • Connect to a remote Podman instance
  • Build platform-specific images from a single Containerfile
  • Push platform-specific images to the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Registry (OCIR)
  • Create a manifest list that includes both platform-specfic images
  • Push the manifest list to OCIR
  • Inspect the OCIR hosted manifest list to see the available platforms.
  • Pull and run the image

What Do You Need?

  • An Oracle Cloud Infrastructure tenancy
  • An x86_64 system with Oracle Linux 8 or later installed
  • An aarch_64 system with Oracle Cloud Developer installed