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Use Custom Execution Environments

olam lab tutorial
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Through the use of a custom execution environment (ee), Oracle Linux Automation Manager can leverage playbooks containing collections and other resources not available with the default olam-ee image. You build it using the Builder utility, store it on Private Automation Hub, and then pull it into Oracle Linux Automation Manager.

These guides show how to upload a pre-built image to Private Automation Hub and then pull it into Oracle Linux Automation Manager for running playbooks. For details on creating customized execution environments, see our tutorial on the Builder utility, and this tutorial on Private Automation Hub.


In this lab, you’ll learn how to:

  • Push a custom ee to Private Automation Hub using a playbook
  • Add a custom ee to Oracle Linux Automation Manager
  • Use the custom ee to run a Job


  • Three systems running Oracle Linux
    • A development environment using the Builder utility
    • One for Private Automation Hub
    • Another for running Oracle Linux Automation Manager