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Write a Playbook

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The Oracle Linux Automation Engine, a component of Oracle Linux Automation Manager, is an automation tool for deploying software, configuring systems, and orchestrating tasks, such as upgrades and updates, in the form of playbooks. Initially using the ansible package, Oracle Linux Automation Engine now stems from the open-source ansible-core software package.

These guides introduce writing playbooks with Oracle Linux Automation Engine.


In this lab, you’ll learn how to:

  • Install Oracle Linux Automation Engine
  • Create an inventory file
  • Run an ad hoc command
  • Write and run a playbook


  • A minimum of two Oracle Linux systems with the following configuration:

    • a non-root user with sudo permissions
    • ssh keypair for the non-root user
    • the ability to ssh from one host (control-node) to the other (host) using passwordless ssh login