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Configure Podman Containers

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Table of Contents


🌙 Lab

🗒 Tutorial


These links will guide you through creating a playbook for installing Podman and running an Oracle Linux container using the configuration management tool Oracle Linux Automation Engine.

Before proceeding: If you are not familiar with running playbooks, check out our introduction tutorial, Write a Playbook with Oracle Linux Automation Engine.

When running playbooks, Oracle Linux Automation Engine runs the tasks on machines matching the hosts directive in the playbook. These hosts are typically defined in an inventory file and can either be remote or local. For these guides, we’ll demonstrate how to run a playbook locally.


In this lab, you’ll learn to:

  • Run playbooks locally
  • Add a collection to a playbook
  • Install Podman
  • Pull and run an oraclelinux:8 container


  • An Oracle Linux system with the following configuration:

    • a non-root user with sudo permissions
    • install Oracle Linux Automation Engine