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Setup HAProxy as Load Balancer

olam lab tutorial
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Oracle Linux Automation Manager supports a cluster deployment of multiple control and execution nodes. With the control nodes acting as the entry point into the cluster, how does an administrator manage the traffic across these nodes? That is where a load balancer becomes beneficial. A load balancer efficiently distributes incoming network traffic across a group of backend servers or the control nodes in this solution. A load balancer ensures the Oracle Linux Automation Manager infrastructure is highly available and reliable and performance does not degrade.

Although there are many load balancer options, these guides will leverage HAProxy. HAProxy, or High Availability Proxy, is an application layer (Layer 7) load balancer and high-availability solution that you can use to implement a reverse proxy for HTTP and TCP-based Internet services. An application layer load balancer often includes many features because it can inspect the traffic content it is routing and either modify content within each packet or make decisions about handling each packet based on its content. These features simplify implementing session persistence, TLS, ACLs, and HTTP rewrites and redirection.


In this lab, you’ll learn how to:

  • Install HAProxy
  • Configure HAProxy
  • Configure Oracle Linux Automation Manager to work behind a load balancer or proxy


  • A cluster with Oracle Linux Automation Manager installed and cluster configured
  • An Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) account
  • A user in the OCI account with permission to work with resources in a compartment
  • Access to that accounts credentials and OCID information