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Intro to Terraform

oloci tutorial oloci-deploy
Table of Contents


🗒 Tutorial


This guide introduces you to Terraform in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, and shows you how to do a simple deployment of an Oracle Linux instance. By following instructions, copying commands and code you can work through this simple exercise as an introduction to Terraform in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.


In this tutorial, you will:

  • Configure an Oracle Linux 7 instance to run Terraform and communicate over the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure API
  • Organize your Terraform files to take advantage of working in different environments
  • Collect required configuration data such as OCID values
  • Create a cloud-init user data configuration script
  • Create, then destroy the instance using Terraform

What you Need

  • An Oracle Linux 7 instance, with Terraform packages, and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure CLI installed.
  • Access to an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure compartment with permissions to create instances and access to an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure virtual cloud network (VCN).