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Create Virtual Cloud Networks

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A Virtual Cloud Network, or VCN, is a software defined virtualized network in the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure that allows instances to communicate as if operating on a traditional network.

This lab takes you step by step through the manual process of building a new VCN without using the wizard.

The VCN includes components such as public and private subnets, route tables, internet gateways, DNS support, security lists, and more.

When creating a compute instance it must be associated with a subnet, so a VCN is created to provide network services to instances. It must be configured with at least one subnet so instances have a networking resource to use when being launched.


Upon completion of this Lab you will be able to:

  • List the current VCNs associated with your compartment
  • Launch the Virtual Cloud Network creation dialog in the web console
  • Create a new VCN (without using wizard)
  • Navigate and view the VCN details and its associated resources
  • Create a subnet
  • Add a CIDR block range of IP addresses
  • Terminate a VCN


  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure web console