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Create an Oracle Linux Storage Applicance

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The Oracle Linux Storage Appliance provides a fast and easy way to build a shared storage system on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. It enables you to export files by using the protocols Network File System (NFS) v3 and v4, and Windows Server Message Block (SMB) v3 (Samba).

The Oracle Linux Storage Appliance is intended for use on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure only.

The Oracle Linux Storage Appliance can run on all Oracle Cloud Infrastructure shapes.

When associating the appliance instance with a Virtual Cloud Network, select a VCN that is configured with the appropriate ingress security list rules.


Upon completion of this Lab you will be able to:

  • Create an Oracle Linux Storage Appliance compute instance
  • Configure the required VCN security list ingress rules to support the appliance
  • Initial login to the appliance through a browser and setup up initial admin password
  • Create and attach block volumes to the storage appliance
  • Create a storage pool


  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure web console