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Creating Groups

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Groups in Oracle OS Management Hub standardize OS software, packages, and modules so that all member instances of the group have a consistent release and patch level. In large-scale deployments, groups help automate the management of content across all group-associated instances making management more efficient.

A group is a collection of instances that are managed together for standard operating system content management tasks like applying updates to errata, updating packages, and changing software sources. The group of instances must be based on the same OS vendor, OS version, and architecture. Creating a group involves selecting the software sources to attach to the group and then adding instances to the group.

In this video, we will cover: Creating a group in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, introducing the Group Details and resources pages used for management, attaching an instance to the group in the console, and adding an instance during instance registration.

Make sure to have viewed and setup software sources, prior to creating groups. For more information on selecting software sources for the Oracle OS Management Hub, view the Selecting software sources for Oracle OS management Hub video.