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Promoting Through Lifecycles

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This video provides a step by step walk-through of promoting a versioned custom software source through a lifecycle environment and its associated lifecycle stages. To promote versioned custom software sources along a development lifecycle, we will complete the initial promotion into the first stage of the lifecycle environment and then promote the versioned custom software source to the next stage

A lifecycle environment is a user-defined pipeline to deliver curated, versioned content in a prescribed, methodical manner. To promote content in the lifecycle environment, you create a versioned custom software source, which is a type of custom software source that’s given a version and is immutable. Then you promote content by associating a versioned custom software source to a lifecycle stage. Only the instances assigned to that stage have access to the content in the versioned custom software source.

To learn how to create a custom versioned software source checkout the video selecting software sources for Oracle OS Management Hub and review the Creating Custom software source documentation

To learn how to create a lifecycle environment checkout the following resources: