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Use VirtualBox on OCI

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Oracle VM VirtualBox allows the simple and fast creation of virtual machines (VM) supporting a wide variety of operating systems. VirtualBox can be installed and run on various platforms, from a standalone laptop to a cloud instance. This hands on lab guides you through installing VirtualBox and its extension pack on an Oracle Linux cloud instance. It steps you through creating a new virtual machine using VirtualBox installed on the cloud instance, and installing the Guest Additions to the new VM.

You will practice implementing nested virtualization in VirtualBox to support the creation of virtual machines on the cloud instance. You will install Guest Additions to a VM which will provide closer integration between host and guest and improve the interactive performance of the guest system.

You can read more detailed information about Oracle VM VirtualBox at this documentation link: Oracle VM VirtualBox Documentation


In this lab, you will learn to:

  • Create a SSH tunnel to an Oracle Linux Server instance
  • Connect to the cloud instance Server GUI Desktop with VNC
  • Install Oracle VM VirtualBox to an Oracle Linux cloud instance
  • Install the VirtualBox Expansion Pack
  • Use VirtualBox to create a new Oracle Linux virtual machine
  • Install VirtualBox Guest Additions to a Virtual Machine


Basic experience of working with Oracle Linux command line and its desktop graphical user interface.