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OS Management Hub

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Table of Contents
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Oracle OS Management Hub is the next-generation management solution for Oracle Linux. Use OS Management Hub to manage and monitor updates and patches for Oracle Linux environments in private data centers using a centralized management console.

OS Management Hub initially targets Oracle Linux instances in private data centers and is included with all Oracle Linux Basic and Premier Support subscriptions at no additional cost.

OS Management Hub provides:

  • Tools for tracking and resolving critical issues across an environment of Oracle Linux instances.
  • Methods for grouping systems and monitoring updates.
  • Capabilities to deliver staged rollouts of security errata and other content, with control points from development through production.
  • Integration with mission critical Oracle Linux features, such as Oracle Ksplice for zero-downtime security updates.


Deploying OS Management Hub

Create Custom Software Sources
osmh tutorial osmh-deploy
Creating Groups
osmh video osmh-deploy
Selecting Software Sources
osmh video osmh-deploy
Creating and Managing Profiles
osmh video osmh-deploy
Registering Instances
osmh video osmh-deploy
Creating and Registering a Management Station
osmh video osmh-deploy
Preparing Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
osmh video osmh-deploy
osmh video osmh-deploy

Administering Instances in OS Management Hub

Managing Jobs
osmh video osmh-admin

Developing OS Software Content with Lifecycle Environments

Managing OS Updates
osmh video osmh-dev
Promoting Through Lifecycles
osmh video osmh-dev
Creating Lifecycle Environments
osmh video osmh-dev

Migrating to OS Management Hub

Migrating from Oracle Linux Manager
osmh video osmh-migrate
Comparing Oracle Linux Manager
osmh video osmh-migrate