Interface for representing an entry in IObjectBindDefs or ArrayBindDefs.


  • IBindDef



dir: number

The direction of the bind. One of the Execute Bind Direction Constants BIND_IN, BIND_INOUT, or BIND_OUT. The default is BIND_IN.

maxSize?: number

Required for Strings and Uint8Arrays. Ignored for other types. Specifies the maximum number of bytes allocated when processing each value of this bind variable. When data is being passed into the database, maxSize must be at least the size of the longest value. When data is being returned from the database, maxSize must be the size of the longest value. If maxSize is too small, executeMany will throw an error.

type: number

The JavaScript data type to be bound. One of the mle-js-oracledb JS Type Constants, see javaScriptType.