Interface for object binds in execute().


  • IBindObjectValue



dir?: number

The direction of the bind. One of the constants BIND_IN, BIND_INOUT, or BIND_OUT. The default is BIND_IN.

maxSize?: number

The maximum number of bytes that an OUT or INOUT bind variable of type STRING or UINT8ARRAY can use to get data. The default value is 200. The maximum limit depends on the database type. When binding INOUT, then maxSize refers to the size of the returned value. The input value can be smaller or bigger. For IN binds, maxSize is ignored.

type?: number

The JavaScript data type to be bound. One of the mle-js-oracledb JS Constants, see javaScriptType. With IN or INOUT binds the type can be explicitly set with type or it will default to the type of the input data value. With OUT binds, the type defaults to STRING whenever type is not specified.

val: any

The input value or variable to be used for an IN or INOUT bind variable.